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Dig Doug is a 2D game, a "mod" of the original is an arcade game developed and published by Namco in Japan in 1982. It was a rip off of the original game, with a few modifications. The objective of Dig Doug is the same as original, to eliminate underground dwelling monsters. The difference lies in how you kill the monsters. We replaced the original titular character with our own Dig Doug – a mole who wears a helmet and can dig through destructible environments. Killing the monsters is also changed, where instead of inflating and blowing them up using a pump, we blow them up using bombs. This was inspired from Hudson Soft's "Bomberman", released in 1983.

Install instructions

Play Instructions

Drag URL into browser.


W-A-S-D for movement

Spacebar to drop bombs


DigDoug.rar 2 MB

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