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In Ecoland, the island consists of moderately dense vegetation, different wild animals within it. The player has to take care of the island, making sure the balance stays intact. The player has to balance it to have a sustainable environment for both the nature and his own benefits, for a year of game time (15-20 mins of actual gameplay).

Install instructions


Run ecosystem.exe, set preferred graphics quality and press "play"



-Use the mouse to navigate around the island

-Be sure maintain the levels of vegetation, animals and industry over the course of one year.

-Use money to spend on fertilizer to grow more plants, mating experts to breed more animals, and security guards to prevent poachers from stealing your animals

-Allow more factories to be built in order to bring in more income and to satisfy consumer demand

-Keep the animals fed with enough plants while satisfying the factory's needs while ensuring the species are not depleted


Ecoland.rar 192 MB

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